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The Versalab M3 Grinder  --  the real TASTE and FLAVOR of espresso


Versalab in the coffee shop

Versalab Espresso Press

What they say

The Versalab M3 is widely regarded as the finest espresso grinder in the world. Whether for their coffee shop or at their home, customers from Europe to Scandinavia to the Far East find that nothing else compares.

Our exclusive slow speed grind and clear bean-to-grounds path treat the coffee beans with gentle care. Our Dosing Hopper keeps the whole beans out of the grind path and clear of the motor to preserve freshness and flavor.

All traditional grinders have a very large quantity of retained grounds.   So the latest grind is then mixed with the old coffee -- stale, past stale, all the way back to when the machine was last cleaned.

Then, in order to reduce static charges, these mixed grounds get pushed together into a somewhat clumped mass on the way to the portafilter.

If a doser is used, the grounds get further clumped and sit in the doser getting even more stale.

No wonder the espresso flavor is never quite as nice as the aroma of the beans.

Hardly made “espressly for you” - considered the origin of the word “espresso”.

The Versalab Grinder eliminates all these issues.

One dose of fresh beans goes into the top funnel, and one dose of fresh ground espresso falls nicely into the portafilter. The coffee particles are dramatically more fluffy and flavorful.

Coffee shops, roasters, cuppers will finally get fully in control,

Any espresso lover will be in a new world of experience.


Weight 37 lbs
8” deep – not including the power cord
13” high
6” wide
3.4” (a little more than 3 3/8") clearance under the bottom funnel

The standard 1 kilo hopper adds 5 1/2" per side. Total height becomes 25 3/4", depth becomes 12 1/2".

The medium 1 lb. hopper makes the machine 22 5/8" tall.

The short 1/2 lb. hopper makes the machine 20 1/5" + tall..

Requires 1A @ 120 VAC or proportional current at other voltages. The grinder can be adjusted to operate from 107 to 240 VAC. We need to know what voltage it will see.

Uses conical burrs and flat burrs.  The conical set, made by Versalab, breaks the beans into small chunks that can then enter the 68 mm. gentle flat burrs.  The long grind path and slow 500 rpm. burr speed provides great flavor.  The flat burrs are commercially available.

Grind adjustment is continuous by rotating the top funnel. A lock is provided and must be used when grinding.

The grinder operates quite quietly.

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M3 Grinder User's Manual rev.7      Latest rev.8


Grinder  $1985
as of March 1st $2285

Dosing Hopper  $375 each
(medium & short hoppers are $420)
left and right available - bushings sold separately - see BUSHING SIZES

Portafilter Holder  $185
  retrofittable to all grinders

all plus shipping -

Warranty 1 year

International customers are responsible for the costs of their country's customs duties and taxes

Call Laura at Versalab 970.622.0240
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Call us 970 - 622 - 0240
PRICE INCREASE March 1st! See below for details

Dosing hoppers.  One hopper, or one on either side. Two hoppers for two coffees. The advantage of this design over conventional hoppers is that the beans don't sit on top of the burrs, with partially ground beans going stale and mixing in with the grind of fresh beans.

These hoppers use a volumetric dose delivery bar.  Push the delivery bar back and a measured quantity of beans falls into the dosing hole in the delivery bar. Pull the red handle forward and this measured dose of beans drops down the chute into the top funnel -- as seen in the Flash slideshow below.  Bushings inserted into the hole in the delivery bar determine the measured dose.  See BUSHING SIZES.  

Volumetric dosing can vary from one dose to the next by several tenths of a gram, as the beans nestle together in varying ways.  For perfectly repeatable dosing every time, overdose and strike off the excess in the classical manner.  

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